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Financial Support for the Riverside High School Alumni Association

Progress report on September 30, 2021: Thank you for your continued support!

We have 16 alumni who have donated $6,305 -- well beyond our original goal! Thank you!! Thank you!!

We will keep this page open if you do wish to donate and we can build our reserves for the future. Thank you!


There are many reasons why you should support the RHSAA with a financial gift to keep our operations going strong. First, the annual Riv-Har Duck Race fundraiser had been the major fundraiser for the association each year, usually raising over $4,000 each year. But the pandemic canceled the Duck Race in 2020. Then the death of the main organizer, Ronald Balogh, left a major hole in the annual effort going forward to 2021 so, combined with the pandemic, we could not do the Duck Race in 2021 either. And to a lesser extent, we also lost some income from the raffles conducted at the Annual Alumni Picnic as the event in both 2020 and 2021 was canceled because of the pandemic. 

Secondly, the association has some awesome projects that deserve to be maintained:

The Hall of Fame each year selects a number of alumni who have had outstanding careers, honors them with a dinner, and creates individual plaques that are hung inside the high school. These items have a cost and ticket sales to the dinner do not cover it all. Help us continue to honor distinguished alumni with recognition. Learn more about the Hall of Fame here.

Graduating Senior Scholarships: Each scholarship the association gives is $1,000, and we give out as many scholarships each year as we can. Help us provide early funding of scholarships to deserving RHS seniors continuing their education. Learn about our scholarship efforts here.

Traditionally, we donate about $1,000 to various RHS clubs, organizations and sports, like prom, graduation, the honor society and the football program. It costs about $500 a year to handle our administrative costs, like the webpage registration fee and page hosting fees, and other miscellaneous costs. The web page offers photos of events, the quarterly Online Log, reunion help and information, and more. Even more, efforts like the Annual Alumni Picnic and support for class reunions help foster networking and contacts among alumni. Help us maintain the organization's efforts!

Please consider a financial gift to the association. See who has donated in 2021!

How to help? Click here to download a form to make a donation to the RHSAA. 

*  The RHSAA is not a non-profit organization (but we operate as if we were), and your membership or other financial gift is not tax deductible.

Due to limitations by our sponsor, Riverside Local School District, we cannot offer memberships and donations via credit card or other electronic means. Your check is most welcome. If you cannot print the form, please write down the information we need from the form on another piece of paper, and mail that with your check. Or, send us a check through your banking online bill paying feature, and use the contact us form to give us the needed information.

*  The organization does not have any employees and no board trustee or volunteer is compensated except to reimburse expenses first paid by the trustee or volunteer.

Thank you!