The Online Log Wants Your Remembrances of School

You may have read the nostalgic article about Madison Avenue School written by the alumni association’s web designer, Karen Holp, in the fall issue. Karen’s memories of her elementary school are now a part of the history of our school system.

The association would like to invite readers of the on-line Log to submit articles about their memories of any of the old schools that are now closed or gone: Hale Road, Hadden, LeRoy, Concord – and even more about Madison Avenue if you so desire.

In fact, if you have other ideas and topics you would like to write about, please feel free to submit them by email to or Hard copies of submissions may also be sent to Riverside Alumni Assn., 585 Riverside Dr., Painesville OH 44077.

Please be aware that all submissions are subject to editing and proofreading for accuracy by Gretchen Reed, the alumni’s grammar gestapo trustee.

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