Updated: The Online Log Wants Your Remembrances of School

The Fall 2020 edition of the Online Log featured a nostalgic article about Madison Avenue School. The Winter 2020 edition featured two articles on Hale Road School, and a feature about three generations of cheerleaders.

We are inviting alumni to submit articles about their memories of any of the old schools that are now closed or gone:  We plan to have articles in the Spring 2020 edition on Concord Elementary; in the Summer 2020 about Merrick Hutchinson (Grand River), for Fall 2020 about Leroy, and in Winter 2021 — Hadden. 

If you have memories of a school building, a former teacher, or a special moment, please consider submitting it (and photos if possible) for consideration. If your class has a periodic newsletter, perhaps portions of it would be suitable for an article. And most certainly, stories and photos of reunions are encouraged. Contact us with your ideas!

Please be aware that all submissions are subject to editing and proofreading for accuracy by Gretchen Reed, the alumni’s grammar specialist trustee.

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