Celebrating the 2016 Hall of Fame

Celebrating the 2016 Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inducts Three, Honors Retired Administrator           

Nearly 100 people gathered for an evening filled with many emotions to recognize Riverside greatness on September 17. The Riverside High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame inducted its class of 2016 and held a special recognition of retired administrator George E. Inscho, Jr.

Inscho, just short of his 95th birthday, was honored for his 37 years (1952 – 1989) of service and dedication to the district. George was his usual self entertaining the gathered dinner crowd with stories from his time as an educator and administrator.

In true George Inscho fashion, he started by calling attention to his bent posture that developed in his later years. He said, “Well that’s what happens to you when you are the world’s oldest living beaver.”

 You can see the presentation and his speech here.

The newly renovated Riverside Local School District Board Meeting Room is now named after George. See photos here.

2016 Riverside Hall of Fame Inductees

2016 Riverside Hall of Fame Inductees

Newly inducted members of the Hall of Fame included Terry Hamilton, Class of 1979, in the alumni category; Mat Domin, Class of 1996, in the athletic category; and Carol Lewis, RHS teacher from 1975 – 1995, in the faculty and staff category.  

You can see the video of the presentations here.

Terry Hamilton has made a name for himself as a realtor in a very famous part of Florida known as The Villages; so good that he trains other realtors. He also has dedicated his life to creating music.

While accepting his hall of fame award, he spoke of his experience after a song he wrote and recorded was chosen by then-Governor Taft as the theme song for youth disabilities and Special Olympics. He remembered feeling like he didn’t deserve to be honored. “I was only doing what we’re all called to do,” he said. “And that’s to lift each other up, to give back, to help one another.” He said he felt humbled that night much the same he did being inducted.

A football player who went on to win championships at the collegiate level never thought he would amount to much of an athlete let alone perform at the level he did.

In his acceptance speech Matthew Domin began with a litany of injuries that would have discouraged many others. It was in his sophomore year that he made the commitment to do more than he thought he could. “And this is my reward,” he said while holding his new hall of fame plaque aloft.

Carol Lewis was not only a much loved teacher, but a mentor to other educators as well. In her introduction, Gretchen Reed said, “She listened to the kids’ problems and she responded to them with warmth and compassion.”

During her remarks, Carol recalled the phone call she received when offered the job as the Home Economics teacher at Riverside. She said she never regretted saying yes. Carol keeps in touch with several of her former coworkers and students through the Email and social media.

Their induction brings the Hall of Fame number to 118. See the entire list here.

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