Volunteer Your Time and Talent

The alumni association is starting to grow and we could use help in specific areas of expertise.

 We have thousands of alumni, former staff and others who have some connection to the Riverside High School community. All of these people represent hundreds of different professions and trades. Even if it’s just sharing some advice, we need to draw from all of that expertise and experience to help the association grow.

The association also holds or are part of several events each year.

We know many of you would volunteer if you just knew exactly what we needed from volunteers. 

So, as you can see from the list below, we have several well-defined areas where we need help. No matter what level you are, you can be of some service to us.

Communication Committee
We have a Communication Committee. It provides direction and content for the website, social media posts, Email campaigns, newsletter and other promotional material. This group is also responsible for collecting and updating the mailing list. Please contact us if you are in Marketing, Public Relations, Graphic Design (etc) and/or have experience with a WordPress website; social media; writing newsletters and press releases, producing video, or taking photos. 

Hall of Fame Committee
Each year the alumni association inducts new members into the Riverside Hall of Fame. We need people to help gather nominations, choose the new inductees and help gather biographical information for the program and other publicity. There is also the work of preparing for the induction ceremony that involves dealing with the venue, inviting guests, and more.

Scholarship Committee
The Alumni Association has given thousands of dollars in college scholarships to over a hundred deserving Riverside graduates. We need help accepting submissions, judging and choosing the winners. This also includes obtaining photos and biographies of the scholarship winners.

The Alumni Association is part of several events during the year. People are needed for planning and staffing the event. These include the Annual Picnic and the Annual Riv-Har Duck Race. A fun time for all is guaranteed!

There is always a need for someone who has experience in fundraising to generate ideas and connections to help increase revenues. Please contact us if you would like to lead or be involved with the fundraising committee.

We depend on paid membership to help sustain and keep growing the Alumni Association. Anyone with experience growing organizations through membership please contact us.

Other Duties
There are other duties that could be fulfilled.
Are you good at keeping databases and spreadsheets updated?
Can you help us if we needed to to do a big direct mailing? (stuffing envelopes)

Fill out the form below to let us know you are interested.

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