Riverside Football Videos

A new organization has come to our attention: We Were Athletes. They are archiving the films of old high school football games and putting them online -- and there are some from Riverside High School! The video looks to be like that taken by Riverside coaches from the press box, and most are edited to include only the play. Some of the videos have crowd sounds and some are silent. Not all reveal the score during the game or at the end. When you first go there, the "screen" is very small, but you can enlarge it to full screen with the symbol near the bottom of the screen on the right:

The link below leads to a Vimeo page. While it looks like you have to pay 99 cents to view the film, if you click the "rent" button, you will see a new pop-up, and if you put "Free" in the promo code line, it will cost nothing to watch the video. You may have to log in to Vimeo if you don't have an account there, but it has ZERO costs. We Were Athletes is also asking for donations to support their work, but don't unless you wish.

If you know the score, or are one of the players, or know one of the players, or any information about the game, make a comment on this page. Let us know what you remember!

Here's the games at the moment. Click on the game you want to watch, and then give your reaction with a comment. Thanks!lease let us know if the links work -- this is the first time we have made a link like this. Thanks!



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