Homecoming and the Alumni Band


Homecoming activities for 2020 were cancelled, and we hope that this fun event will resume in 2021.

Homecoming is particularly about bringing alumni back to reconnect with the school. Traditionally, well over 100 alumni play with the Riverside Regiment every year during halftime of the football game. The association will be there prior to the band rehearsal at 5 p.m., and before the game with t-shirts for sale, and bookmarks and "Alumni Stickers" for alumni who went to the game. 

Riverside Alumni Band

The Riverside Alumni Band performs with the Riverside Regiment every Homecoming. We invite anybody who has ever played an instrument for the Beavers, ever led one of the bands over the years, or may have a kid in the district and played an instrument in your high school band.

Alumni Band through the generations

The Vaccariellos and Lindroses pose for their annual family photo after halftime.

We rehearsed on the side of the building starting at 5:00 p.m. We didn't have to move once we were in formation on the field.

We also limit our playlist for the performance in order for alumni to be familiar with the tunes.

In the future, if you need an instrument, music or are a percussionist, call or text Mike Vaccariello at (440) 479-2850 or email at mjv111@aol.com.

If you want to join as part of the

The Alumni Band will play as long as the Regiment plays. We have played in snow and bad rain. We have increased the number of returning alumni over the years and consistently get more than one hundred in the alumni section.

Please think about joining us!

Check out the 2017 performance below.

And the performance at the 2016 Homecoming!