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Lola Reed Victor, Class of ‘55, and her husband Ralph celebrated their 67th anniversary at a party attended by most of their 57 descendants, starting with their six children, Kim, Jim, Bonnie, Reed, Lola and Todd, plus the grandchildren, great and great-great grandchildren. Ralph, a Mentor native, met Lola at Walton’s Roller Rink, and they eloped in spring of ’54, marrying when she was 18 and Ralph was 19. David Shaner cast Lola in the lead in the ’54 spring musical Annie Get Your Gun. Family and friends assumed Lola’s vivacious personality appealed to Mr. Shaner, who also noticed that she quit school after completing her junior year. Ralph developed Ralph Victor Construction into a successful company with 65 years in business. He stresses that Lola was a huge part of their success, often working with him in their projects. Son Todd has taken over the company, and  Ralph and Lola spend winters in Florida and the other months in their century home in Mentor.


Joe Kovacs, Class of 1960: My wife and I will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary August 4th, 2022, Lord willing. We credit God for our 60 years together and my wife putting up with me. I married Addie Congos class of 1961 Riverside High School.


Marcia Kasmarcik, Class of ’73, attended Edinboro College from 1973 until 1977 majoring in secondary education and social studies. She received an associate degree from Lakeland Community College in 2005, a Bachelor of Science in social sciences from Lake Erie College in 2006, and attended Walden University, obtaining a master’s degree in forensic psychology. Marcia was recently named to the Board of Directors of Extended Housing in Painesville, an organization dedicated to eliminating homelessness in Lake County for those with serious mental illness and is president of their Formal Tenant Organization and on their Homeless Advisory Council.


Charles (Chuck) Graniteo, Class of ’82, started saving money for a dirt bike when he was only 16. But getting his driver’s license led him instead to look for a car. His good friend and classmate, Darren Priester, took Chuck to Darren’s uncle’s body shop, and the two graduates decided to start their own shop. When Chardon Oil Company moved out of a building on Elevator Avenue, Chuck’s father bought that building to help his son start the business. Chuck and Darren launched the body shop and named it Gran Prix Auto Body, taking the first part of “Graniteo” and adjusting “Priester” slightly to add a personal touch. Darren went on to other employment, but the two friends of 30 years still live across the road from each other in Leroy. Chuck speaks fondly of unusual projects completed in his shop. A Volkswagen was painted in neon colors and installed with ’59 Cadillac fins for a man who dressed as a clown and drove it around town for events or just for fun. Chuck also enjoyed restoring his dad’s ’53 Cadillac convertible to a beautiful baby blue. Chuck’s son, Elliott, 23, recently joined the team.

Cheryl Reed, ’83, graduated from Cleveland State University in ‘90 with a degree in Physical Therapy. In ’97 she joined Globe Volunteers and traveled to Ecuador, where she became enthralled with the country. In ‘02 she purchased a 24-acre farm (5,000’ elevation) and is raising coffee plants and operating a bed and breakfast. Cheryl spends six months in the U.S. working as a traveling therapist and the other six months on her farm. Cheryl’s parents, Tom and Gerry (Fox) Reed of Thompson, are RHS alums, as are her five siblings. Her website is and her email is

Tim Toman, Class of ’87, and his wife Graz (Picciano), Class of ’89, are owners of Capp’s Restaurant and Pizza Parlor in Leroy. They, along with partner Matt Krupka, salvaged the rundown, 114-year-old building, first owned by the Modern Woodmen Hunting Club. Several owners had operated taverns in the building located at Five-Points in Leroy, and Tim was working at the gas station across the street in ‘94 when buying and renovating the structure appealed to him. He and Graz lived in the building’s upstairs apartment for six years while performing major systems overhauls. They also installed windows and expanded the kitchen three times in 30 years. Capp’s is still the only pizza delivery business in Leroy. Under previous owners, the longest of which were the Celizics from 1939-’64, the site was named the Leroy Tavern, but Tomans now concentrate more on tasty food than on alcohol sales. Tim and Graz began dating while at RHS, married in ’93 and had a son and daughter, but hadn’t guessed that they would someday own an iconic business, much loved by their community.

In Memory

This is the accumulation of In Memory submissions in alphabetical order of the last name, year of graduation and year of death,  with a link to the obituary if available.

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