Beaver Bulletin Board

Welcome to the Beaver Bulleting Board -- a way to celebrate alumni achievements and significant events, and honor alumni we have lost. Each quarter we will list alumni submissions in a featured article at the Online Log submitted during the previous quarter. 

We want to know about your births, deaths, marriages, awards, new careers, promotions, publications, advanced degrees obtained, and more.  Use the links below to submit something about yourself or submit information about other alumni who may be too shy to toot their own horns. We of course will maintain editorial control.

Also below is a link for submissions of information on alumni we have lost, which will also be listed each quarter. 

The deadline for submission of info is 15 days before the end of the quarter: March 15, June 15, October 15, and December 15. 

To submit information on life achievements or the memory listing on the Beaver Bulletin Board, click the appropriate button below to load an online form you can then submit for consideration.


To see the archived listings of the Beaver Bulletin Board, click the link below.