The Riverside High School Alumni Association works to preserve the legacy of Riverside High School. We award scholarships to Riverside High School seniors, act as a central location for individual class reunions, recognize and honor distinguished alumni, faculty and staff, and stay connected to the community through events and fundraisers.

Members of the association work to enhance and preserve the image, prestige and traditions of Riverside High School and tell its story through the people who have lived its history. Because we who have graced the hall of ivy know the quality of the education we received and the friendships we made make Riverside High School is a very special place indeed.

The Riverside High School Alumni Association is open to all who have ever been students, faculty or staff, or is a friend of the Riverside School District (formerly the Painesville Township School District). We are located in Painesville, Ohio, headquartered at Riverside High School.

Join us to preserve the legacy of Riverside High School!

Halls of Ivy – The Alma Mater

Oh, we love the halls of Ivy that surround us here today.

And we will not forget though we be far, far, far away.

To the hallowed halls of Ivy, every voice will bid farewell

And shimmer off in twilight like the old vesper bell.

One day a hush will fall;

The footsteps of us all

Will echo down the hall and disappear.

But as we sadly start our journeys far apart,

A part of every heart will linger here.

In the sacred halls of Ivy where we’ve lived and learned to know

That through the years we’ll see you in the sweet afterglow.